Stealing anyone’s Telegram channel or account session with just 4 commands

Telegram channel theft has become a frequent and completely real threat, mentioning mobile security specialists from the International Cyber Security Institute (IICS). You need to be prepared against these attacks, so here is what conditions lead to these risk scenarios.

  • Download the following file
  • Install Python 3.8.2
  • Install the code editor: Visual Studio Code
  • We register on some FTP server
  • Open the file with a code editor and enter your information in the code (host, login, FTP password, you will receive all the information, mentioned by mobile security experts)
  • Compile the Python code into an exe file. For this, auto-py-to-exe is used
  • We send the .exe finished to our victim. When you open your file, you will receive 2 .zip files on your FTP server
  • Download Telegram Portable and start it. Open the “tdata” folder that will appear on Telegram. You will have a folder “D877F783D5D3EF8C”; Open it and replace map0 or map1 (you must use your tdata server
  • Open “tdata” again – locate the file “D877F783D5D3EF8C” and delete it. Now we transfer a similar file from your or
  • Launch Telegram Portable. If everything has been done the right way, we will have a stolen session in our hands.

This is a simple but very powerful hack, mentioned by mobile security experts. Visit the official IICS site for more material like this.