Revenge your ex-boss or ex-girlfriend by crashing their phone by SMS messages. Send thousands of SMS messages with just 12 commands

In this tutorial, experts in ethical hacking from the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS) will show you how to send thousands of spam SMS messages to any user directly from our smartphone using just a few commands.


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For stable operation, you will need to use an Android system over v4.4. For Linux, of course, everything is easier because there are more actions that are performed from the console.


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Free proxies will fall quickly, as mentioned by ethical hacking experts. Moreover, most sellers selling private proxies have their own traffic control systems; at the first hint of suspicious activity, administrators block access, but professional attackers will simply increase their address pool for these purposes.


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On the Termux command line, you enter commands to add packages and clone a repository with a Spammer-Grab script.

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pkg update
pkg install git
pkg install python
pkg install python2
pip2 install requests
git clone
chmod +x Spammer-Grab
cd Spammer-Grab
chmod 777
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Then the question “Do you want to continue?” will appear. We respond with the letter S and after a while all the necessary scripts and packages will be installed, in addition to the rights and everything necessary for the proper functioning of the tool, mentioned by experts in ethical hacking.


To launch this tool on Android, you must run the following command:

python2 —delay x —proxy http: //xxx.xx.xx.xx/ 79xxxxxxxxx

Where —delay x is the delay in seconds, —proxy is your proxy, then a space and a phone number without the plus (+) symbol.

If everything is done correctly, the script will start working. To complete the script and disable the spammer, you can simply exit the application. To turn it back on, open Termux and enter:

cd Spammer-Grab

And then log in again:

python2 —delay x —proxy http: //xxx.xx.xx.xx/ 79xxxxxxxxx

To work on multiple threads simultaneously, in the terminal, swipe right and new session, then the same 2 commands above, as mentioned by ethical hacking experts. IICS experts recommend using this technique only in controlled environments and, if possible, with the express authorization of the rest of the people involved. This tutorial is for educational and research purposes only. Don’t misuse this information.