Big IoT technology provider Sierra Wireless affected by ransomware infection

Cybersecurity experts mention that Sierra Wireless, the largest Internet of Things (IoT) solution firm, was forced to disrupt its operations due to a ransomware infection. Sierra Wireless is a multinational firm based in Canada with nearly 2,000 employees worldwide, mainly in North America, Europe and Asia.

The company is a big player in the development and manufacture of wireless modems, routers and gateways used by organizations of all kinds, including the automotive, transportation, energy, healthcare, information and security technologies industries. The attack reportedly occurred directly on Sierra Wireless’s internal networks over the past weekend, although the company specifies that this incident does not involve products or services for customer service.

“The attack directly impacted our systems, although it is limited to these as we maintain a clear separation between internal IT infrastructure and customer-facing products,” Sierra Wireless added in an incident update.

As mentioned at the beginning, the company had to disrupt all operations at its production plants, although it appears that these will be resumed shortly: “Our business website and other internal operations have also been disrupted by the attack; maintenance is taking place and we look forward to resuming activities this week.”

About the group(s) responsible for the attack, the company did not provide any additional details. The ransom amount is also not known and whether threat actors managed to steal information in addition to encrypting the affected systems, although this could eventually be revealed if confidential Sierra Wireless records begin to appear on some dark web platform.

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