How Major Companies Are Using JavaScript

JavaScript is a client-side programming language that was designed to work seamlessly with HTML. That is why it is used in 19 out of 20 websites. However, that’s not the only way businesses use JavaScript. Here are a few ways how major companies are using JavaScript. We’ll also explain why and how they’re using JavaScript and its associated frameworks for their projects. 

Backend Development 

Node.js is a cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment. It is also a framework that allows developers to test and debug JavaScript code in a virtual domain. This is why JavaScript can be used to build backend systems instead of the front-end interface. For example, the front-end interface may be the ecommerce site someone uses to order a product or enter information into a Human Resources information system. The backend is the order fulfillment system, content delivery system or HRIS system that feeds someone’s changes to their dependents and alters the amount of tax withheld from their paycheck. Node.JS and Javascript itself was used to build the user interface of Netflix and the Uber app. The server-side of the Trello collaboration tool was also built using Node.JS.


Microsoft is famous for its bloated operating system, Windows. This is one reason why they used JavaScript to build the Edge browser. All browsers must be able to process and execute JavaScript, since the vast majority of websites use JS. But Microsoft created its own JavaScript engine to create the Edge web browser. They’ve added NodeJS to the Azure cloud platform and Visual Studio, too. 

Mobile Applications 

JavaScript is the default choice for browser interfaces. However, JavaScript is one of the top choices for mobile applications. That is because JavaScript can be used for everything from websites to web applications to backend applications. It is also device-agnostic and works with almost any OS. This is why JavaScript can be used to build mobile apps that can be deployed to both the Android and Apple app stores. Companies like Facebook and Walmart had mobile apps built on the JavaScript framework. 

Gaming Applications 

JavaScript has a number of good game development frameworks, especially if the games would run inside of a browser window. However, JavaScript can be used to create virtual reality games, as well. This is generally done with a JavaScript API like WebVR. We would recommend hiring a JavaScript software development company with the necessary expertise, since gamers demand seamless gameplay. However, it is more popular for online games and multiplayer games, because it is designed for animated displays online. Note that this explains why JavaScript is generally used for online animations like animated online ads. 

Internet of Things Applications 

The Internet of Things connects myriad devices to the cloud and controlling devices like your smart phone, assuming the necessary app has been installed. And JavaScript is one of the foundational components of the internet. This is why you can often see energy consumption reported by your smart thermostat and other smart devices on a website interface as well as an app on your phone. JavaScript is a logical choice since it works from end to end, and its open-source nature allows it to work with all IoT hardware. Companies from Samsung to startups are using it for IoT devices.