How to Clean and Organize a Mac

Owning a Mac is great, but if you want to have a monster machine for years, be ready for some duties and cleanup routines. Mac computers are usually costly, and users prefer their reliability and high performance. Thus, it makes sense to carry out regular cleaning and maintenance to keep these devices in proper condition. It will enhance the machine’s life span and increase its resell value if you want to trade your Mac for a new machine in the future. 

Users need to carry out frequent cleaning and organizing to keep their Macs up and running flawlessly. Here is a fresh list of how to clean your machine and enhance its functionality, plus some insights on effective ways to organize your documents on the desktop.

Let us take a look at insightful tips to help clean your system:

How to clean and organize your Mac | Engadget

Optimize Your Storage 

Mac computers usually come with an in-built storage management application that stores all saved files. Thus, when cleaning the device, the first option to start the exercise is the storage app. You have to open it and select the action you want to take. Whether you want to move the items to iCloud or empty the trash, you will optimize the system’s storage capabilities. This solution will delete old files that are no longer useful and only take up space in your machine.

Remove Unused Applications and Files

Open the applications section and view all the installed programs in your Mac. The chances are that you have several applications that you no longer use. Probably you have alternatives, or your line of work does not require the regular use of particular apps. Thus, you can sort the programs and uninstall those you don’t need. 

Furthermore, you can peruse the unsupported applications and the large documents on your machine. There are large files that do not add any value but only lower the system’s performance. Hence, you can identify such files and safely delete them.

Organize Your Desktop

Most users often create folders and store multiple files on the desktop. Over time, you will clog your desktop and clutter it with many files. It is challenging to locate a file in a cluttered space, which might affect your workflow. 

Thus, it is vital to organize your desktop by cleaning up and ensuring its neat outlook. Sort your files by size, date, item, or name. You can go through the files manually, group them in various folders or delete the old ones you don’t need. Furthermore, you might have large, unnecessary files that only take up space on your machine. If you don’t have the time to arrange your desktop, you can use a Mac cleaning app that automatically works for you. 

Clear Cached Data

Cached files allow users to have a fast browsing experience since the online data is stored in the system files. But over time, your Mac might accumulate the old cached data, resulting in performance slowdowns and problems. These files fill the hard disk and cause your machine to underperform. One way of boosting efficiency is to clean cached files from your Mac. You can use an automatic Mac cleaner app or delete the files manually.

Delete Downloads

The downloads folder of most users is quite messy, with multiple files, both large and small. You might not notice how cluttered the folder is until you check it out. Over time, it takes up space in your machine and causes low performance. Thus, ensure you delete the downloaded files after they outgrow their usefulness. 

Revisit Email Attachments

Most emails have attachments–photos, reports, receipts, etc., which go directly to a downloads folder. After a while, the folder will have numerous unnecessary attachments that are no longer useful. Cleaning this folder will free up space and ensure smooth operations. 

Cleanup Is Always Helpful 

While it is crucial to clean your system, it is also equally essential to organize your desktop. Files on the desktop usually take up much of the screen space, affecting your workflow. Having an organized desktop together with keeping the critical folders non-cluttered will help you find files or documents with ease. Thus, make a point of conducting regular Mac cleanups to enjoy a seamless user experience.