Read deleted WhatsApp messages without any additional application for iPhone and Android. Never seen before trick

WhatsApp has lots of little-known functions, although an Internet search is enough to master these techniques. An example is a function to read deleted messages, which in certain scenarios can be useful for many.

The function to delete WhatsApp messages is one of the most used and allows you to end any record sent, replacing them with the “Deleted Message” sign.  However, few know that the message is stored on the user’s phone and can be recovered using the app’s backup feature.

WhatsApp backs up all messages at 2 A.M., although the settings can be altered so that backups are only made once a week or a month. This feature can be abused to recover deleted messages.

To read a deleted message, uninstall WhatsApp and then install it again from its corresponding app store. Subsequently, you need to recover the contents of your chats from the last backup created. By doing this, the app will recover all your messages, even those that the user has deleted.

There are other methods to retrieve this information, such as using third-party applications. In google play store and app store there are options such as Notification History Log and Notification Log that show all notifications stored on the device, including messages received on WhatsApp.

This option not only allows recovering messages sent by other users, but also images, files and other records supported in the application. These applications have a severe limitation, since it is necessary to have interacted with the notification you want to recover.

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