IKEA confirms data breach affecting its Canadian customers

IKEA, the famous multinational dedicated to the manufacture and sale of furniture, appliances and other household goods, confirmed that it has submitted a notification to the data privacy agency in Canada after suffering a security incident that led to the leak of the data of some 95,000 customers.

In a statement shared with a local media outlet, the company mentions that part of its customers’ records appeared in the results of a generic search conducted by an employee of its branch in Canada in early March through an IKEA database.

In its messages, the company has emphasized that everything is due to a mistake, in addition to endorsing its commitment to the security of its users: “The security of our customers’ private information is of the utmost importance and we have proactively notified the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada about this incident, as well as the corresponding customers”.

On the other hand, in the message sent to the affected customers, the company mentions that among the compromised records are full names, email addresses, telephone numbers and postal codes. IKEA confirmed that no financial records were compromised during the incident.

The company mentioned that the IKEA Family loyalty program number of affected customers may also have been compromised. IKEA has not mentioned whether it will offer affected customers any protection against identity fraud, as is the case with other companies suffering similar incidents.

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