Brazilian News Channel suffers ransomware attack and changes schedule as every system gets encrypted

RecordTV a news channel in Brazil suffered a cyber attack this Saturday morning that left the company’s network down. The attackers, who used the ransomware attack and stole personal data of employees, network map with credentials for local and remote services and more data. Information about the attack was initially reported by Cadu Safner,. “Employees can’t even do live transmission. They are being released from work today. The situation is desperate, ”said the journalist on Twitter.

It seems the the attack method chosen was BlackCat, which is a ransomware as a service. Previously blackcat ransomware has infected numerous companies. The cyber attack made the broadcaster need to change the schedule. The journalistic program “Fala Brasil” was taken down around 9 am, and the attraction is displayed until 12 noon.

After the change in the schedule, the broadcaster aired the series Todo Mundo Odeia o Chris, which is usually shown on Sunday mornings. In the early afternoon, the television network’s programming had already returned to normal.

The company has not yet officially confirmed whether or not it suffered a cyber attack.