Verizon prepaid customers data leaked and many become victim of SIM swapping attacks

Unknown numbers of prepaid subscribers received warnings from Verizon that attackers had accessed their accounts and were using SIM swapping attacks to exploit credit card information that had been exposed second time this year. On hacked accounts, the threat actors may have had access to names, phone numbers, billing addresses, pricing information, and other service-related details.

The business found that a third party actor gained access to the last four numbers of the credit card used to make automated payments on your account between October 6 and October 10, 2022. The third party may have changed the SIM card on the prepaid line that got the SMS containing this message by using the last four numbers of that credit card to access the client’s Verizon account. Verizon has undone any SIM card changes that could have taken place.

It found 250 prepaid cellular accounts that may have been the subject of illicit activity. To safeguard our clients from future illegal access or fraud, it protected these accounts and put additional safeguards in place.

“Verizon has alerted the affected consumers and given them advice on further actions they may take to strengthen the security of their accounts. We take these issues seriously and continuously improve and change our security procedures to protect consumer information and accounts.”

As usual, customers should contact us online, using the MyVerizon app, or by dialing 888-483-7200 if they think their accounts have been accessed improperly.

To protect their Verizon accounts against future assaults, customers are recommended to establish a new Verizon PIN number, as well as a new password and secret.