Czech Police Arrest Russian Hacker for Cyber-Attacks Against the US

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FBI is asking for the suspects extradition. Following a collaboration with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Czech national police announced yesterday the arrested of a man on suspicion of hacking various entities in the US.

The suspect, who’s name hasn’t been released yet, was arrested in Prague, the Czech Republic’s capital. The man is a Russian national, who’s been living in the country with his girlfriend.

Police arrested the suspect after Interpol issued a warrant for his arrest. Czech police apprehended the individual 12 hours after receiving the order.

Police said they arrested the suspect at a hotel in the city’s center. Authorities say he was living there with his girlfriend and enjoying a lavish lifestyle, driving expensive cars.


The suspect was surprised by authorities and didn’t put up any resistance during the arrest. Moments after police took him into custody, the hacker fainted and lost consciousness.

Police officers provided first aid, and the Russia national was later taken to a hospital. He remained in police custody.

FBI officials have requested for the man’s extradition to the US, where he’ll have to face charges for his hacking-related crimes. The Municipal Court in Prague will decide on the extradition.

Neither the Czech police or the FBI have issued any details on the charges that led to the suspects arrest. The story will be updated when authorities release the hacker’s name and other details.