Website security firm Sucuri hit by DDoS attacks

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This Time Sucuri And Its Customers Have Been Hit By A Series Of Attacks Worldwide.

According to information security researchers, the California based website security provider Sucuri has suffered a series of massive DDoS attacks causing service outage in West Europe, South America and parts of Eastern United States.


The attacks began on April 12th 2018, when Sucuri network came under non-stop DDoS attacks. The company then worked with Tier 1 providers to mitigate the attacks.

In an email, Sucuri spokesperson said that “The attack was big enough that caused some of our ports to be pretty close to capacity, causing very high latency and packet loss. In some other regions, it caused temporary latency and packet loss.”

The company’s Status page also kept the customers updated revealing that Sucuri “worked with its upstream providers, our NOC and partners to help mitigate the attack and re-route the affected regions. Unfortunately, due to the size of the attack, it took a lot longer than expected to get it fully handled.”

The exact size of DDoS attacks is still unknown, the same goes for its culprits and their motives, however, lately, and there has been a surge in large-scale DDoS attacks. Last month, hackers used Memcached vulnerability to carry out worlds largest ever DDoS attacks of 1.7 Tbps on an American firm and 1.35 Tbps attack on Github.

The vulnerability was also used to hit Amazon, Google, NRA, Play Station, and several other high-profile targets.

As for Sucuri, information security analysts have good news, the attacks have been successfully mitigated and at the time of publishing this article Sucuri services and customer websites were back online.