Amazon could share payment information from its users with Indian government

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The company seems to have ceded to authorities’ demands

Amazon, one of the largest ecommerce companies in the world, has stated that they could begin to share payment data from its users with the authorities and law enforcement agencies of the Government of India, as reported by specialists in ethical hacking from the International Institute of Cyber Security.

However, Amazon customers should not worry about this, as this policy will not harm any user until he/she begins to use Amazon Pay for legitimate transactions. This policy implies that any of the Indian government agencies that come to know about any illegal transfer of funds on Amazon Pay, must first ask Amazon for access to their information.

According ethical hacking specialists, in its Privacy Policy, the company states that: “We may be asked to share the mentioned information with government authorities, regulators and/or agencies with the purpose of verifying the identity of the users or for prevention, detection and investigation, including cyber-incidents, prosecution and punishment of offences. You accept and authorize APIPL (the company that hosts Amazon Pay) to disclose your information, if required by law”.

The Amazon Pay service is also available in its home country, the United States, but the information disclosure rules are totally different. According to specialists in ethical hacking and cybersecurity, in the United States, they have to inform the public about how many requests for data exchange have been received from government agencies and how many cases the information has been shared. The details of the questions must also be disclosed.