Data breach at Nordstrom

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FILE PHOTO: The Nordstrom store is pictured in Broomfield, Colorado, February 23, 2017. REUTERS/Rick Wilking/File Photo

The incident has compromised the security of the company employees’ information

Nordstrom, the luxurious department stores chain, is in the process of notifying its employees that their personal information could have been compromised by a data breach on the company’s systems.

According to specialists in digital forensics, the exposed information includes the names of the workers, their social security numbers, dates of birth, check account numbers, salary details and additional information, according to the report of the security breach that the Nordstrom employees are receiving, sent by the managers of the different areas of the company.

In a statement, Nordstrom claimed that its information security and digital forensics team detected the problem last October 9. The cause of the incident appears to be a mistake from a subcontracted worker who mismanaged the employees’ information. The worker in question no longer has access to any data of the workers or the company. Nordstrom adds that up to now there is no indication that the compromised information has been shared with third parties or used for malicious purposes.

According to reports of experts in digital forensics from the International Institute of Cyber Security, no technical details are yet known about the actions carried out by the employee responsible for the security breach. In addition, the company is already collaborating with the competent authorities to carry out an in-depth investigation of the incident.

Nordstrom currently has more than 50 department stores throughout the entire US territory.