Necuno: New Linux smartphone with better security and privacy

This smartphone can even be purchased without an operating system

Some time ago there began to circulate reports on the plans of Necuno Solutions to launch a smartphone based on GNU/Linux, with special emphasis on users’ privacy. According to cybersecurity specialists from the International Institute of Cyber Security, these plans have finally been realized, as the smartphone has just been released.

Necuno NC_1 is a smartphone developed by an open source company established in Finland, which includes a selection of various Linux-based operating systems. 

According to cybersecurity experts, customers can choose between plasma Mobile in Debian, Plasma Mobile in postmarketOS, Maemo Lese, Nemo Mobile and LuneOS. These operating systems are still in development and are intended for the first users of the smartphone. Also, the manufacturer offers the option to buy a Necuno NC_1 without any operating system.

Necunos’s CEO mentions that security-centric mobile devices can be of great use to companies, non-governmental organizations and journalists to mitigate the constant surveillance activity they suffer, thanks to this, they will be able to communicate in hostile environments in the safest possible way.

During the official launch of the smartphone it was remarked that its sale will directly benefit various “communities”, which will help to unify work around the development of this kind of tools. In addition, it is mentioned that some of the sales generated by this device are donated to various non-profit organizations.

According to experts in cybersecurity, this smartphone is the answer to the multiple failures found in conventional smartphones, a measure against surveillance and a way to combat the iOS-Android duopoly, dominant in this market.

Necunos NC_1 is not intended for the mass market, so the manufacturer has not included in its design a slot to insert SIM cards. As for the Internet connection, users of this smartphone can connect via WiFi or Ethernet. In addition, the Necuno website mentions: “You have control of the software running on the NC_1, so Necuno Solutions will not be responsible for any software defect”.

The NC_1 can also be used with a detached developer screen. The price of this smartphone is €1 199 at the time of its launch.

According to experts in cybersecurity, the company also announced the launch of NE_1, the enterprise version of this device, which will include secure communications and a strengthened operating system.