Wells Fargo service outage affects thousands of customers

Bank customers in the United States reported multiple issues to access their accounts through the company’s different platforms

In recent days, most of the Wells Fargo bank customers throughout the U.S. began to report several flaws in the various services offered by the company. According to network security and ethical hacking experts from the International Institute of Cyber Security, these flaws are the result of a fire in the facilities of the company’s servers, which led to the partial closure of the bank’s operations.  

Through the Reddit platform, an anonymous bank employee revealed that “the fire suppression system went off in one of Wells Fargo’s data centers due to a series of public works”. According to the employee, there was no power in any of the network equipment on the affected facilities, and no function-reset protocol worked.

Several hours later Wells Fargo issued a statement in which they mentioned: “We are experiencing issues on our system due to a power outage in one of our facilities, initiated after the detection of smoke generated by routine maintenance. Our network security team is working to restore our services as soon as possible”.

The banking institution also apologized to its customers through its Twitter account: “We deeply regret that our customers are experiencing problems when entering our online services. We appreciate your understanding and reaffirm our commitment to investigate and solve this incident”.

Some Wells Fargo customers expressed discontent with the situation through various social networking platforms. “We need more updates; this is the second time this week that your site does not work and still do not clarify anything. Is this a DDoS attack? This lack of communication is alarming,” the Twitter user @altreality7 posted.

The latest update published by Wells Fargo mentions that the company continues to experience problems with the power supply in one of its facilities. The banking institution also continues to experience problems in its mobile application, report network security specialists.

Finally, Wells Fargo stated that, after conducting the first internal investigations, the possibility that these problems would be provoked due to a cybersecurity incident may be dismissed altogether.