V3ntex – New jailbreak available for iOS 12

A well-known hacker has developed an exploit capable of liberating a device with the latest Apple operating system

Network security and ethical hacking specialists from the International Institute of Cyber Security report a significant increase in the activity of the jailbreak community. Tihmstar, renowned developer and hacker has announced the launch of v3ntex, an exploit for iOS 12 operating system devices.

In his Twitter biography, Tihmstar asserts that his work relates to offsets, although in practice it seems to be more of an investigation of iOS devices and the development of functional solutions for their liberation.

It was through his Twitter account that the hacking expert shared a screenshot showing his exploit in action, plus he posted a console log that shows his code works. Although apparently similar to previously developed code snippets, network security specialists claim that this new development is functional on iOS 12 and its updates.

The hacker claims to have tried this exploit on an iPhone 6 with IOS 12.1.2, confirming that the exploit “is functional up to this version”.  

“If this exploit is familiar to you, you should try to run it on iOS 12. I feel that something could be improved, but I don’t know if I should take the trouble to do it myself. Meanwhile, you can have fun with the v3ntex exploit,” said the hacker, attaching the GitHub link to access the exploit code.

By publishing the code on GitHub, the hacker emphasized that code improvements might be possible, although they would not be decisive changes.

Jake James, the developer of the exploit RootlessJB, reported that he is having problems with the exploit developed by Tihmstar, stating that he has not been able to make it work. Still, this work seems to have laid the groundwork for further functional developments in IOS 12, consider network security specialists.