A 25 years old earned $17M USD, a seaside home and luxury cars by selling drugs in dark web

The Australian authorities maintain that Ward operated a sophisticated drug distribution network on dark web

Australian authorities have seized a house on the beach, luxury cars and $100k USD dollars to a young computer science prodigy accused of operating a drug distribution network on dark web, reported network security and ethical hacking experts from the International Institute of Cyber Security.

Cody Ward, a native of New South Wales, was arrested last February 14th after the Australian authorities discovered his alleged illegal business.

The 25-year-old continually showed off in his social network accounts his luxurious life, full of sports cars and international trips, assuring that he served as a network security firm CEO. However, the luxuries that Ward showed in Instagram were seized by the Crime Commission of New South Wales, arguing that all the assets that the young presumed were bought with illegal money, obtained in the drug market.

Ward was arrested in Callala Bay after a nine-month investigation that guided the authorities to five different properties, where they found drugs, drug packaging and distribution utilities and cash (about $100k USD in total).

The police initially indicated that Ward, known in dark web as ‘NSWGreat’, in complicity with other subjects, was trading narcotics in various illicit activities forums, which would have generated gains of about $17M USD.

According to network security experts, Ward even bragged about his activities using his alias on Reddit, stating that the authorities would never be able to find him.

Ward has been charged with four drug distribution offenses, for making transactions with illegally obtained money and for his participation in a criminal group. The defendant was confiscated a five-room house in Calla Bay, Australia, purchased for $800k USD at the end of last year, plus three sports cars and $100k USD in cash.

Sisters Shanese (24 years old) and Patricia Koullaris (20 years old), codefendants in this investigation, have also been charged for crimes related to the sale of drugs.