Do you want get free flights for a year? Delete all your Instagram posts

Researcher Hacks Instagram, Gets Backend Access

An airline launched a challenge inviting participants to delete all their social network posts in exchange for the opportunity to win a year of free flights

The JetBlue airline has launched an unusual challenge. According to network security and ethical hacking specialists from the International Institute of Cyber Security, the company offers a year of free flights; interested people just have to delete all their Instagram posts.

As part of a contest called “All You Can Jet”, the company invites participants to delete all their publications on the Instagram social network and publish only a photo with a JetBlue template, and they should tag the airline in the post.  In addition, stakeholders should answer a question published in the company’s Twitter profile.

Participants must have deleted any publication of their Instagram profiles before March 8th, the registration deadline for the contest. According to experts in network security, it was the same company the first to register for the contest, deleting all the old posts and stories from its Instagram account.

Last weekend there were dozens of people who had deleted their Instagram profiles posts, according to experts in network security, now just wait for the airline announces the winner of free flights year.