Dream Market, famous dark web market, is being monitored by the police; enter with caution

According to experts in ethical hacking training in India and the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS), Dream Market, the most important dark web sales forum nowadays, will stop operating next April 30. The news has been released while members of the FBI, the DEA and Europol perform operations together against drug trafficking through platforms hosted on the dark web.

For many people with knowledge on the subject, it seems too coincidental that the announcement of Dream Market being shut down arises at the same time as the announcements of law enforcement agencies, so, according to experts in ethical hacking training in India, many believe that the authorities could have taken control of Dream Market for a long time and now use the site as a honeypot to catch hackers and drug traffickers.

These suspicions are based on a history of 2017. On that occasion, the Dutch authorities took control of Hansa Market (a site operating on a Tor network) for a month during which they collected evidence against site users. Subsequently, the authorities used the access credentials of Hansa Market users to access other similar platforms.

When you enter Dream Market, a message is displayed on its home page that claims that site operations will be transferred to a “partner company” in a new URL. However, many users still fear that agencies like Europol or the FBI will use Dream Market as honeypot.

According to the experts I ethical hacking training in India, the announcement of the shutdown of this site arose from nothing, without motives or explanations; recently, the site was catch in controversy as a hacker used it to sell the records of millions of multi-platform accounts compromised. In addition, frequent exposure to DDoS attacks on the site has generated multiple technical problems.

Dream Market will stop its activities after six years; according to experts in cybersecurity, of the four platforms of sale in dark web (Dream Market, Hansa Market, AlphaBay and RAMP), this was the last one that remained in active. The U.S. authorities seized and closed AlphaBay and Hansa Market in The mid-2017; shortly thereafter, the Russian authorities shut down RAMP.