Unknown person hacked a judge’s computer to know before anyone a ruling in a trial

Sources close to the best ethical hacking institute and the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS) have confirmed that Kathryn Schrader, Gwinnett County Superior Court judge, decided to hire a private investigator to find out if anyone had hacked into her personal computer.

The private investigator that the judge hired, along with a digital forensics specialist, began to remotely monitor the judge’s computer hoping to detect any indication of anomalous activity.

However, Ed Kramer, the expert who collaborated in the case, is also known as the founder of the science fiction Dragon Con, and has spent long years in legal disputes with Gwinnett County for accusations of child abuse against him.

Kramer accused the Gwinnett County district Attorney, Danny Porter, of being the hacker, and demanded that the district attorney’s office dismiss the existing cases against him because, according to Kramer, there is a great possibility that an unknown user has Active access to Judge Schrader’s computer. According to the experts from the best ethical hacking institute, the judge also suspected Porter.

Kramer was arrested by the police and was accused of taking pictures of a child in a doctor’s office.

Kramer said that while the police cameras taped the cops that arrested him in the lobby of a hospital, at the same time the authorities searched his home in Duluth and seized, among other things, his data on the judge Schrader’s computer.

The Georgia state Bureau of Investigation was then called to investigate the alleged hack. Kramer withdrew the accusations while he was in a cell charged with the new charges.

TJ Ward, the private investigator, mentions that he doesn’t know any details about the judge’s suspicions. For his part, Porter denies any connection with any hacking incident, also expressed concern about the security of the judge’s information.

The County launched a small statement, as experts from the best ethical hacking institute report: “we are fully cooperating with this ongoing criminal investigation. At this time we have no additional comments”.