Matebook, Huawei laptop, contains a backdoor-like vulnerability

The authors of the book ‘Learn ethical hacking’, along with specialists from the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS), report the existence of a critical vulnerability in the Matebook laptop, developed by Huawei; according to the reports, this flaw could be exploited to take control of the compromised devices.

The Chinese company has faced strong criticism and strict scrutiny because of its close relationship with China’s government. In addition, it is believed that this flaw could have been intentionally introduced at some point in the manufacturing process, mentioned the authors of ‘ Learn ethical hacking’.

The company corrected the vulnerability shortly after receiving the report, and again denied that there is some kind of relationship between the Chinese government and Huawei.

A cybersecurity specialist analyzed the vulnerability and its findings were revealing: the expert stated that this vulnerability possessed the characteristics of a backdoor created by the U.S.  National Security Agency (NSA) with which it is possible to spy on the computers of thousands of individuals.

According to the authors of ‘ Learn ethical hacking’, the tool developed by the NSA was leaked online thanks to multiple hackers and cybercriminals groups backed by various governments.

The cybersecurity expert who analyzed the vulnerability added: “I couldn’t say that the company did something wrong and there is no evidence that the Chinese government has pushed Huawei to do so”. The expert added that Huawei is essential for the implementation of 5G technology, which in turn will be a fundamental part of support for smart cities and cars with autonomous driving system.

“The disruption of this network could wreak havoc on society, so it is important for Huawei to recognize security flaws in its technological developments”.

Recently, Huawei, like other Chinese-based technology companies, has faced measures for alleged monitoring and filtering of sensitive information that has generated fines and even boycotts, driven mainly by States And their allied countries, like the Five Eyes group.