Fortnite official Twitter account was hacked

According to the ethical hacking training specialists from the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS), the most recent decisions of Epic Games have been so badly received by the gamer community that even some users have retaliated; such is the case of the recent hack against Fortnite official Twitter account.

The reports mention that, on Wednesday April 3, Fortnite’s official Twitter account was hacked by a user, apparently unhappy with the direction the company has taken; Epic Games has not spoken about the incident.

According to the ethical hacking training specialists, the video game account began to post some out of the ordinary tweets, all after the announcement of changes in the competitive version of Fortnite, which represents a critical situation for Epic Games.

The developers of the game began to delete the tweets published by the hacker; however, the attacker was able to stay long enough in the Twitter account to post multiple tweets before Epic Games managed to close the account.

During the incident, the hacker threatened to reverse the Fortnite update patch, among other threats without much apparent sense.  According to the ethical hacking training specialists, behind this incident is a hacker known on Twitter as @feared, popular Call of Duty player; it is highly probable that Epic Games will take legal action against him.

According to the ethical hacking training specialists, the attack on the Fortnite account could have been possible thanks to TweetDeck, a platform used by multiple companies for the administration of accounts and publications on Twitter.

“This kind of incidents should not happen in a million dollar company,” the specialists consider. “This should generate serious consequences for some Epic Games employees.”

Twitter has not yet eliminated any of the accounts associated with the alleged perpetrator of the incident and, although the gamer community believes that this has been a funny thing, it is worth remembering that the hack is a very serious crime that will surely bring serious consequences.