Bitcoin could reach $10k USD over the next month

The most recent days have been somewhat convulsed and frightening for the cryptocurrency community members. According to a group of cybersecurity and ethical hacking specialists, last week Bitcoin reached a value of a little more than $5k USD, although for some this means that the virtual asset market will eventually collapse, as they’ve been saying for a couple years.

However, according to specialists from the International Institute of Cyber Security, the value of this virtual currency did not exceed 5000 dollars since November 2018.

Up to this date it seems that the price for a Bitcoin has stabilized a bit, staying above the $5k USD limit for more than a week. According to the cybersecurity specialist group, this could be the beginning of a consolidation stage, which could raise the cost by virtual currency in the short term.

The specialists briefly explained the reasons for their prognoses. “In its current state, the Bitcoin market could find a stable level between $4 300 USD and $4 700 USD, with an average of 200 transactions per day. On the other hand, it is complicated that this virtual asset exceeds $5 000 USD or $5 500 USD, although it could even reach $10k USD.

Although the members of the cybersecurity experts team consider that, once past this period of stability the cryptocurrency will gradually fall to $4k USD, it would be no surprise for anyone if, over the next few weeks, a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin reaches price levels close to $10k USD.

After the boom of virtual assets the value of many of the public available cryptocurrencies has experienced considerable declines. Factors such as cryptocurrency-related frauds, lack of interest in virtual asset transactions, and limited use of blockchain have played a detriment to the enthusiasm that virtual assets caused just a couple of years ago.