Wall Street Market, drug sales site on dark web, was suddenly closed

Cyber forensics course specialists reported that Wall Street Market, a drugs selling site in dark web, has been closed suddenly, becoming the second website of its kind that closes during the last month. This platform was only accessible through the Tor web browser.

A few weeks ago Dream Market, one of the largest illicit shopping platforms on dark web, disappeared after alleged DDoS attacks from which site administrators could not recover.

In recent days, rumors about the closure of this site began to grow, although some users claimed that this was a scam in which site operators would try to escape with large amounts of money, reported cyber forensics course specialists.

On multiple illicit shopping websites, the money is kept insured until a buyer confirms that it has received the material for which they paid. The intent of these so called “exit scams” is to allow operators to escape with the money deposited, in this case in the form of cryptocurrency.

Cyber forensics course specialists have tried to access Wall Street Market, discovering that the web site is out of operation, because the home screen only shows the following message: “We are doing a maintenance on servers to consolidate a secure and easy-to-manage platform for all our users, whether customers or buyers; maintenance will not take too long”.

However, the possibility of fraud is not the only concern that the users of this site have. According to experts from the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS), when someone makes a purchase on these sites must send their address to the vendors; if these data are not encrypted, another user could access the data, know its contents and blackmail the buyers or deliver them to the authorities.

Through Dread, a dark web platform similar to Reddit, a user said he was able to access Wall Street Market by using the administrator login data, where he could confirm that site operators effectively plot a scam to Escape with the assets of all users of the website.