If you’re worried about your online privacy, try Brave browser

Brave, a web browser developed by Brave Software Inc., is a fast-loading search and browsing tool that focuses on privacy protection, as mentioned by specialists in cybersecurity. Brave keeps the users’ information secure while blocking the tracking functions of web pages, blocking ads and combating some threats such as malware infections and phishing. 

Brave may look like a conventional browser, but some features distinguish it from the rest. By default, Brave blocks ads, so it changed the way advertising is displayed online; in addition, Brave devised a business model that allows the company to pay users for their browsing. Next, cybersecurity specialists discuss some of Brave’s main features.

Privacy protection

Brave blocks ads considered malicious, making browsing safer for the user. In addition, user’s data cannot be traced and additional protection is included during browsing and additional features such as fingerprinting prevents other browsers or websites from tracking the user.

Brave blocks third-party cookies by default and the user can disable specific website cookies too.

Increased browsing speed

The tests indicate that the load time at Brave has a wide load speed because it does not have third party advertising; as for performance, cybersecurity specialists consider that Brave is just a little bit below tools like Chrome and Firefox.

Brave can pay you for browsing

The Brave browser can pay the users; they should only enable Brave ads to see all the content. In return, the browser offers up to 15% of the profits.

Brave’s reward system

Content creators depend on advertising to stay active. How does Brave resolve this issue? Brave brings the rewards through the network call “Brave Ads” as well as donations from users. The content creators registered in this rewards program receive 55% of the revenue generated by this media.

However, Brave’s developers need to clarify some points about the rewards program, as the available information is still somewhat confusing.

According to the cybersecurity specialists from the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS), Brave is a functional option to browse, because it uses a very easy to use interface, is fast and focuses on the user’s privacy; In addition, being Chromium-based, it generates a minimal impact on the performance of the user’s machine.