Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of Bitcoin: U.S. Copyright Office

A while ago the Australian information security specialist Craig Steven Wright self appointed him as the developer of Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency in the world; the expert now decided to file a claim application with the U.S. Copyright Office to be officially recognized as ‘the father of Bitcoin’.

Wright claims recognition for the authorship of the document known as “Bitcoin Whitepaper”, which brings for the first time the theory behind virtual currency and blockchain technology. In addition, the expert claims to be granted copyright on the development of the first versions of the source code for the implementation of the virtual currency blockchain.

Information security experts claim that a Wright legal representative has stated that: “The U.S. Copyright Office recognizes Wight as author of the Bitcoin Whitepaper and the source code of this technology, published under the alias of Satoshi Nakamoto“.

In this regard, the Copyright Office published a statement mentioning: “In case a job is registered under a pseudonym, this office is not responsible for investigating the link between the person submitting the application and the unknown author”.

The U.S. government added that recording the Bitcoin source code in the Copyright Office in no way protects, recognizes or grants the intellectual property to the requester. However, the office does have the power to cancel these applications if necessary.

A few weeks ago, information security specialists discovered a web page ( where a countdown was displayed; allegedly, when the clock reached zero, the website would reveal the identity behind Satoshi Nakamoto, pseudonym of the author of the Bitcoin Whitepaper. However, the only thing that happened at the end of the countdown was a message announcing the creation of a new news platform aimed at the cryptocurrency community, news that would be presented by an artificial intelligence called Satoshi.

According to experts from the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS), claims on the authorship of the blockchain source code of Bitcoin have become something very common, yet none of the self-proclaimed ‘fathers of Bitcoin’ has been able to demonstrate it in a convincing way for the whole cryptocurrency community.