An ATM suddenly starts throwing money away; what really happened?

Cybersecurity experts reported a curious event that occurred recently in the United Kingdom. Suddenly, a Bitcoin ATM located in a mall in London began to throw dozens of bills while the security guards of the place tried to keep the curious people away.  

The video of this strange event went viral last night on Reddit; in it, you can see a guy trying unsuccessfully to catch some of the bills that the ATM throws away all over the sidewalk.

Although some Reddit users familiar with cybersecurity issues and bank attacks speculated on the possibility that this would be an incident of jackpotting (a variant of attack used to hack ATMs), Shitcoins Club, the Polish company that controls these machines, published a statement mentioning that this was an intentional withdraw.

“In the video you can see the user who is trying to catch the bills with a bag, he himself was in charge of making the withdrawal of the ATM”, mentions the statement signed by the representative of Shitcoins Club.

This is not the first time that something strange happens in a Bitcoin ATM; about a month ago, footage of an unidentified individual began circulating on social media, accessing the machine. In the video a key of the Dash cryptocurrency could be seen, suggesting that the individual managed to steal a small amount of money in virtual assets.

The company subsequently acknowledged the cybersecurity incident, mentioning that the attacker introduced a coin into the slot to enter bills with the intent of blocking the machine and extracting the cryptocurrency.

Company IT staff had to carry out a remote maintenance of the cashier, because they are not able to enter the facilities where the cashier is during the weekend.

According to data from specialists of the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS) there are around 60 of these ATMs throughout Europe; the third part belongs to the Polish firm. According to this information, Bitcoin cashiers located in the UK are the only ones that can operate high-volume retreats, the video cashier, for example, had about $35k USD at the time of the incident.