Users could go to prison for forwarding messages on WhatsApp

Web application security audit experts believe that the lack of a strict policy on message forwarding through the WhatsApp service has been leveraged by multiple users and companies to send spam indiscriminately. However, the company is about to implement the necessary measures to completely restrict this abusive conduct.

Coming soon, WhatsApp will start to prohibit the sending of automated or bulk messages through this platform, you will even be able to restrict the use of the service and take legal action against users who incur this practice. 

A few months ago, the platform had announced a first attempt to limit spam, setting up to 5 times to be able to forward a message; however, this new policy seems to be much more proactive.

According to web application security audit experts, WhatsApp will use machine learning to collect evidence outside the platform that suggests that any user has violated the terms of the service. Through a statement, the company said: “We know that some companies and individuals try to bypass our machine learning systems; using the information available on our systems, we discover millions of spam accounts that operate through our service, and we also prevent them from continuing to abuse this platform,” the experts mention. 

WhatsApp admits that this challenge “requires a full approach”, but assured users that they are “committed to the use of resources” at their disposal, including taking legal action: “In addition to restricting the use of our technology, too we plan to take legal action against companies or individuals who engage in this kind of abusive behavior, we reserve the right to seek that the law punish those responsible for this abuse in necessary cases.”

According to web application security audit specialists from the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS) this new policy will start from December 7, so users who operate spam campaigns, fake news or advertising using automated messages will need to reconsider their activities before that date, otherwise they face the wrath of Facebook-owned service lawyers.