PS Vita jailbreak; how to use the new Trinity exploit

Vulnerability testing specialists reported the emergence of an exploit for the Sony PS Vita console with which users can unlock the device to run games, apps, and emulators, among other functions. Launched in 2012, PS Vita is a 5-inch display portable console with 4 cores and includes support for hundreds of games, including titles from older consoles such as PSP and PSOne.

The Trinity exploit was first released last May, but the developers just released a new version along with a step-by-step explanation for exploiting the vulnerability present on the PS Vita console. Trinity supports the latest console firmware version.

Actually this is the third version of the exploit that is published, as mentioned by the vulnerability testing specialists. Although there have been users looking for ways to access the console software since its release, Sony had released firmware updates that disabled the tools used by hackers to unlock the PS Vita.

However, this changed earlier this year, as Sony decided to discontinue production of PS Vita hardware earlier this year, and experts find it highly unlikely that the company will keep releasing software updates for this device. In other words, you can jailbreak PS Vita firmware versions 3.69 and 3.60 and use the unlocked console indefinitely.

Moreover, the company’s decision could also impact the functionality of this exploit. As the developers comment, a key part of unlocking a PS Vita using Trinity is downloading a PSP game or demo from PlayStation Store to install an emulator on the PS Vita, as the exploit requires a PSP emulator, which could stop be available in the near future.

According to the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS) vulnerability testing specialists, the hacker who discovered the vulnerability in PS Vita exploiting Trinity decided not to make the flaw public until after Sony’s decision to stop supporting the console, hoping to extend the lifespan of this exploit.

Despite the little success it had on the market, it is still possible to get a PS Vita console in some online stores.