PUBG will ban and publish names of cheating users; reveal more than a hundred names

The developers of PUBG for mobile have declared war on malicious users on the platform. According to web application security specialists, the game’s developers released a list of the names of more than a hundred hackers identified over the past month; all users on that list were punished with ten years of banning from the platform for cheating.

“We have made important efforts to maintain a competitive and fair gaming environment for all, trying to avoid cheating among users. This is a serious problem for us, so we remind all of our users of the importance of fair play in PUBG,” the letter adds. 

As with other online video game platforms, PUBG developers have been dealing with excessive hacking for a while to take advantage of other players; finally, the problem began to be tackled last May, web application security specialists report. PUBG developers asked users to report players to cheat or use a third-party app to improve their in-game performance; these reports are thoroughly investigated by the company, trying not to make mistakes or fall into false accusations.

There are multiple ways to hack PUBG, and one of the most popular tricks is the so-called “wall hack”, which makes other users visible through solid objects in the game, facilitating the evasive and offensive maneuvers of hackers. Although the codes to hack the game are still available in some forums, stakeholders have been warned that developers are taking stricter measures against this kind of cheating.

Another very popular trick in PUBG for mobile is the use of bots to aim automatically. Thanks to this hack, users should only click the fire button while their weapons are targeted against other users in automatic. To do this, it is necessary to inject the code into the game client, so the complexity of this attack increases considerably.

The letter was sent to users along with the update to version 0.14.0, which includes the new infection mode (with zombies and humans fighting not to perish), plus a completely new map is included in the game mode.

According to web application security specialists from the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS) PUBG for mobile recently surpassed 100 million active users on a monthly basis, without regard to Asian territory. In addition, the game reached $400 million in revenue in the App Store and Google Play Store, being surpassed only by Fortnite developers, which recently surpassed $600 million in app stores alone.