iOS 13.1.1 operating system jailbreaked just a few hours after its release

A couple of days ago the cybersecurity community acknowledged that the hacker known as Axi0mX released a new exploit to jailbreak virtually any modern version of an iPhone, since iPhone 4 to iPhone X.

But this finding was not enough for the anonymous hacker, as they has revealed how to activate the verbose mode of an iPhone X, something that is only possible by making profound kernel modifications.

It should be remembered that jailbreak refers to the action of removing restrictions on iOS software from Apple devices, mainly to be able to install on an iPhone any app available on any website or even to make modifications in a designer level, as mentioned by cybersecurity specialists.

While describing the process, Axi0mX claims that it only took them a few seconds to jailbreak the iPhone using the new exploit, demonstrating that the compromised device is running iOS 13.1.1 the latest version of the operating system. For now, a semi-tied method is being used, which requires a computer to reload system modifications on each reboot. Untied jailbreaks are the most desired as they can boot without a computer like normal iPhone devices, cybersecurity experts mention.

However, the most important aspect of this exploit is the fact that Axi0mX considers it impossible to patch, as it is based on a known hardware vulnerability. That means Apple can’t just patch it with a software updates or so. For users, this makes this jailbreak a reality for those devices, even if they are running the latest version of iOS.

Although the number of jailbreaks for iOS devices has declined markedly over the more recent years, although they still appear; Last month, for example, a flaw in an Apple update allowed a jailbreak for the latest iPhone models, mentioning specialists from the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS).