Hackers stole and leak Demi Lovato’s nudes

A new hacking incident against famous actresses has been revealed. Cybersecurity experts report that singer and actress Demi Lovato has become the victim of a threat actor, an incident that led to the mass posting of some intimate photos.

Hackers exposed online some screenshots of the actress’ Instagram and Snapchat accounts; although his face is not visible in all the leaked images, her tattoos leave no doubt that these are real images. Lovato had just gone through a difficult stage in life, after suffering an overdose of an artificial drug, which left her on the verge of death and made her spend a season at a rehab clinic.

According to cybersecurity experts, another recent victim of cybercriminals is Nicole Scherzinger, whose Instagram account was compromised by an unidentified user, who posted the image of a naked woman on the profile of the actress and singer. The post caught the attention of Scherzinger’s followers, getting nearly 600 likes in less than 10 minutes. The post was deleted soon after.

The identity of those responsible for these attacks, as well as their motives, is still unknown. Cybersecurity experts mention that extortion is a likely motivation, although they do not rule out the possibility that attackers would act just for fun.

The expose of intimate photographs and videos of many celebrities has also favored the growth of other practices, such as deepfake, which involves the automatic generation of images of sexual content using advanced artificial intelligence tools. 

Another unfortunate case that occurred recently is that of actress Bella Thorne, whose intimate photos were stolen by a hacker, who tried to extort the actress. Thorne decided to publish the photographs the offender stole herself, claiming she would not give in to her threats.

Victims should never be found guilty of such incidents; however, it is important to highlight some safety tips to prevent such crimes from happening. According to experts from the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS) implementing multi-factor authentication on any online platform greatly reduces the risk of stealing any image stored in our accounts.