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Many students are looking for where to buy essay cheap and often choose a reliable website Making an application on the site is very simple. It is just necessary to indicate the type of paper that you need, the requirements for the design and uniqueness of the work, as well as the required volume. Here is an example: “Hello. Write my essay. Required volume: 15 pages. Uniqueness: 80%. I attach a training manual with design requirements. How much money will I have to pay for the work? Please, help me with writing. Thank you.”

It is rather difficult to write an essay. But why? Let’s investigate.

What is an essay?

An essay is a small prose text that is written in the literary genre on any topic. Students perform this work in a free style, where they express their own thoughts, feelings, ideas. However, despite the freedom of creativity, writing an essay is not as easy as it seems at first glance.

For successful custom essay writing, the author needs to clearly express his position, use various figures of speech and make unpredictable conclusions. It is also necessary to use such non-standard statements in the paper as metaphors, allegorical images, speech turnovers, comparisons, phraseological units, etc.

The volume of such an assignment is often not very large (3-7 sheets) but it is quite difficult to perform this work efficiently and without plagiarism. The main difficulty is that the essay should not consist of clippings from other sources and also does not contain even the slightest plagiarism. But not everyone manages to comply with these requirements.

Essay structure

Literacy is not enough to get a high mark. It is necessary to remember about the structure, which includes:

  • Introduction;
  • The main part;
  • Conclusion.

It depends on the introduction of whether the reader wants to read your essay. Therefore, you need to start with interest, formulate a problem, add an interesting quote, describe the essence. That is, you need to create an emotional mood.

The main part fully reveals the essence of the problem. Here you can already write theses, arguments, your judgments, examples and so on.

The very last part is the conclusion, which describes the conclusions of the whole paper, adds integrity and pushes the reader to his thoughts.

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