Pirated movies website is hacked; attackers threaten to disclose users’ information

According to web application security specialists, Helix, a pirate IPTV streaming service, is coming through a security incident recovery process as it is facing an imminent data breach after receiving the message from a hacker threatening to reveal the information from all users of the platform in case they do not receive a ransom.

The Helix homepage displays a message posted by so-called hackers, mentioning that administrators rejected their initial offer, so that soon the data of all consumers of pirated content registered on Helix will be exposed. So far there is no indication on those responsible for the attack.

This incident has already begun to raise concerns among subscribers to this platform, as hackers have threatened to reveal their IP addresses, exposing them to many other cyberattack variants. As if that weren’t enough, web application security specialists mention that multiple users have Premium Helix subscriptions, so their payment cards could also be in the hands of hackers.

Web application security specialists at the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS) anticipate that such incidents could increase in the future because they are pirated services, neither security companies nor authorities can do a lot to help the victims. In the case of Helix everything points to a ransomware attack, so the only possible solution for now is for the platform administrators to pay the ransom demanded by the attackers.

A countdown on Helix’s website mentions that the information will be exposed at 23:00, although it does not add details about a specific time zone. Many consider this to be just an attempt to ruin Helix’s reputation, although right now there is no real competition in the pirate hosting kingpin, so Helix is expected to suffer no further damage if this may be just a discouraging campaign.

Helix’s administrators have not yet spoken about it, although it could be a matter of hours to know whether this is just blackmail or an actual attempt to expose confidential information.