Mariah Carey Twitter profile was hacked; attackers make fun of Eminem’s penis

Multiple celebrities and public figures have been victims of hacking against their social media profiles in recent years. Before finishing 2019, it was the turn of American singer/actress/producer Mariah Carey, whose Twitter account was hacked. According to the information security firm that revealed the information, the account was used to post some insults and inappropriate messages targeted to the famous rapper Eminem, which was repeated several times before Twitter blocked the account. 

Through a tweet, the hacker group known as Chucling Squad claimed the hacking of Mariah Carey’s account, which has more than 21 million followers. This same group of threat actors took control of the account of Jack Dorsey, the Twitter CEO last August.

“As soon as we received the report, we begin with the implementation of an information security procedure to block the compromised account,” a Twitter spokesperson told for a digital media platform specializing in show business.

The incident would have occurred during New Year’s Eve, which could have contributed to unauthorized tweets going unnoticed for a few moments, although posts eventually began to attract the attention of thousands of users. “Eminem has a little penis”, mentions one of the tweets posted by hackers; a few months ago the rapper was wrapped in a public argument with Nick Cannon, Carey’s ex-husband, after Eminem claimed he had a relationship with the singer while she was still married to Cannon.

Hackers also took the time during the security intrusion to post meaningless tweets; “Merry Christmas, dumb ass niggas” was another of the messages posted without an apparent recipient or target.

After working against the clock, Twitter’s information security team managed to expel the hackers and grant control of the account to the singer again, who posted a message shortly before midnight on January 1, 2020: “I take a freaking nap and this happens?” Carey tweeted, implying that her Twitter account was secure again.

Last year was especially bad for many celebrities who suffered some similar incidents. Throughout 2019, the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS) reported several extortion attempts and security incidents targeting celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Bella Thorne, the band Radiohead, among others.