The Business of Creating a Connected IT Suite

No matter what business you are in today, you are likely using more than 5 programs on any given day. Some of these may be standalone, others part of a suite. Is your software connected and working together? Some of you can answer yes, others are a definite no. In previous years, (and decades for that matter) the importance of an interconnected software system was not as pressing. You could get by without having the need for system software, programming software and application software to work harmoniously. Just as the days of the horse and buggy are gone, so are the days of singular, unconnected systems. A development firm has to be able to test, document, analyze, track and adapt to any task they are given. These are the principles and driving forces for a leading software development firm. Not only do you have to be on the cutting edge of technology, but you also have to be able to see into the future to predict the needs and wants of a modern, global company.

The challenges that face the development industry today are ever-evolving and changing. If a development firm cannot adapt quickly and efficiently, they will go the way of the horse and buggy. While there are some very good 3rd party companies that focus on one of the three types of software, there are better companies that can provide solutions to all of your software needs, in one fell swoop. It is a superior option if you can go to one development firm, to handle all of your needs. In fact, an excellent development firm will give you solutions to a problem, you didn’t even know you had. Every business has different levels or tasks, responsibilities and roles. It seems logical to expect that each different area, will have its own special software requirements. This is why using bolt-on third-party software, mixed with internal software development can cause massive headaches with how they all communicate together. In fact, I am sure some of you are thinking of some examples right now.

To be a proper software development firm in today’s environment, there are many hats that have to be worn. You have to be able to move swiftly, communicate, produce world-class products, using cutting edge market analytics and good ole fashioned hard work. There are some fine examples of this in the marketplace today that other companies should look to. Intellias is a perfect example of a rising global leader.

Remember that today, is only here temporarily, the future will be here tomorrow. Make sure that when you are looking for a proper software development firm, they can handle all of your application, programming and system software needs. You will ensure consistency across all of your platforms, have a development and implantation team that is always on the same page, and improve the experience for your workers and customers. Gone are days of just needing an application, make sure you choose a development firm that isn’t going way of the horse and buggy.