How Facebook Cyber Crime are Happening In India

Using Social Media platforms in Cyber Criminal activity is very common from last decade. Creating fake profiles with same name, details and it looks same replica of the original. Facebook is very popular social networking platforms, everyone uses Facebook. Now days many fraudsters are using Facebook to create fake Facebook profile and sending friend request to users who are connected to actual Facebook profile.

According to ethical hacking researcher of International Institute of Cyber Security (iiCyberSecurity), cyber crimes are increasing day by day in India and that too are done by people with not so technical background. Many cyber criminals are using social engineering techniques to make money. Following steps are used by cyber criminals to make money.

Step 1 : Finding Victims Facebook Profile

  • First cyber criminal will find victim profile.
  • For testing purposes we have used Facebook profile named as Sonia Kohli.
Facebook Profile - Sonia Kohli
Facebook Profile – Sonia Kohli (Victim)

Step 2 : Creating Fake Facebook Profile same as Victim

  • Cyber criminal will Create replica of original Facebook profile.
  • Below you can see there is no difference between fake and original profile.
Original Profile And Fake Profile
Original Profile And Fake Profile

Step 3 : Sending Friend Request to Victim Friend’s

  • Now cyber criminal will send friend request to the victim friends. Victim friends will accept request as if it is coming from the original user.
  • Cyber criminal will look in friends photo’s, likes and comments them.
Sends Friend Request To Victim Friends
Cyber criminal Sends Friend Request To Victim Friends

Step 4 : Cyber Criminal Start Chat With Victim Friend And Asking For Money

  • You can see below that victim friends are now connected and started chat with cyber criminal.
Starting Chat With Victim Friend
Starting Chat With Victim Friend
  • Here cyber criminal started chat with victim friend with basic talk’s and then asking for money, by saying “his friend is admitted in hospital with critical condition, please send money“.
  • Asking victim friend to send money.
Asking Victim Friend To Transfer Money
Asking Victim Friend To Transfer Money

Step 5 : Money Received By Cyber Criminal

  • Below screenshot shows that money has received by cyber criminal.
Money Received To Attacker
Money Received By Cyber Criminal

Step 6 : Asking Victim To Send Screenshot Of Money Transfer

  • Paytm (Money transfer service in India) Money Transfer Screenshot
Victim Money Transfer
Victim receive Transfer Status
  • Above screenshot shows the money transfer successful on cyber criminal Paytm number.

So to sum up, it is always wise to check and connect to new friends on Facebook. If you feel something is wrong, always check before you connect.