Hackers Finally Published Data Of Automotive Group, GEDIA (100 year old company)

The attackers behind the Sodinokibi Ransomware finally published data stolen from another victim as they failed to pay ransom.

Sodinokibi claims that this data was stolen from GEDIA car part manufacturing with production plants in Germany, China, Hungary, India, Mexico, Poland, Hungary, Spain and the USA. GEDIA also has over thousand of employees all around the world and it had an annual turnover of in million (over €665 million) in 2017.

The Sodin attackers threatened the GEDIA to publish the data after they failed to get in touch and pay the ransom to have the data decrypted. As per the RSU, security researcher from International Institute of Cyber Security part 1 of the data is released on the channels.


GEDIA didn’t pay ransom. So the Sodinokibi attackers released the data of gedia.com. This was the massive ransomware attack on the GEDIA which forced to shut IT system in the company.


Hacker said, it is the first part and more parts will be out which will include the gedia financial data of employees, their personal data and their customers.