How to crash any iPhone, iPad o Apple Watch with a simple character

IT security services specialists reported the finding of a new flaw based on the use of special characters affecting Apple devices. The report, published on the MacRumors platform, mentions that there is a new flaw related to the characters linked to the Italian flag emoji in the company’s operating systems that could lead to the collapse of the target device after receiving a text message.  

Experts fear that this error will be found on all devices developed by Apple, including iPhone. MacBook, Apple Watch, Apple TV and so on, although so far the error has only been detected on iOS devices.

A Reddit post mentions that the flaw initially appeared in a text message sent through the Telegram app, although it was later distributed via Twitter, WhatsApp and Apple’s iMessage app, mentioned by experts in IT security services.

In addition, the EverythingApplePro platform, for enthusiasts of these devices, posted a video on Twitter in which you can see how the error works, proving that it is even possible to execute this flaw without using the emoji of the flag of Italy; this attack variant produces the same result: the sudden failure of the affected device.    

If you receive a notification that includes special characters, it is recommended that you ignore it; otherwise your devices might be exposed to this failure, generating multiple failures and even a forced restart, as mentioned by IT security services experts.

This is not the first similar error detected affecting Apple users. According to the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS), a few months ago it was reported on “Telugu”, a similarly caused fault. One of the main drawbacks related to this type of character-based errors is that there is no way to prevent the system from avoiding this condition, so we only have to wait until companies release security updates.

Apple is expected to release a software update with a solution to this failure. Until then, Apple device users are advised to refrain from opening any notification that includes emojis or special characters.

For further reports on vulnerabilities, exploits, malware variants and computer security risks you can access the website of the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS), as well as the official platforms of technology companies.