Greece government needs hackers: cyber war with Turkey has officially started. Send in your CV

Cyberwarfare campaigns have increased recently, so national security agencies are increasingly lending interest to this field. Experts from a hacking course mention that Greece’s National Intelligence Service has just hired 80 hackers in response to multiple attacks from Turkish hackers detected in recent weeks.

This is undoubtedly a report that has caught the attention of the cybersecurity community, since the Greek authorities did not hire hacking staff for more than ten years, although today they need them more than ever.

According to experts from a hacking course, in early 2020 a group of Turkish hackers compromised the security systems of the Greek government, an incident that affected the operations of the Ministry of the Interior, Foreign Affairs and the Official Site of the Prime Minister. Although the security of these and other websites was eventually strengthened, a second cyberattack began a week ago, when Turkish hackers caused a collapse in the computer networks of Chalkidona, a small town in the Thessaloniki region.

A Turkish agent known as “Ayydiz Tim” claimed responsibility for the attack; it is ignored whether Ayydiz Tim is a hacking group or an individual with advanced knowledge and skills.

In response, a group of Greek hackers compromised the website of Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defense, in addition to disconnecting the Health Cybersecurity websites from the Turkish government, extracting thousands of confidential records.

The Turkish media even attributed this attack to a malicious hacking group known as RootAyyildiz, although soon after Greek hackers evidenced the reality. Cyberattacks against Turkish websites continued over the next few days. The hackers hired by the Turkish government reportedly supported by alleged members of the independent ‘hacktivist’ group Anonymous, as mentioned by specialists from a hacking course.

This Anonymous Greece-backed group has affected Turkey’s government’s computer networks, compromising thousands of private records, so the Turkish government is highly likely to increase attacks on Greece in the coming days. In this regard, Greece has repeatedly denied that its computer security team has nothing to do with any cell from Anonymous hacking group.

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