What Customers Want in a Taxi Booking App – Make it Secure

The world is moving faster than ever.  In today’s digital age, people have an expectation when it comes to the service industry. Whether they are making a dinner reservation, booking a trip, or scheduling a taxi, they want to accomplish those tasks quickly and easily, without interrupting an already busy day. 

When rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft entered the marketplace, it was truly a game-changer for the entire taxi and transportation industry.  Users were able to see prices and pick- up times directly on their phone prior to completing their request. They could choose the type of service they desired – standard or luxury, or decide to ride-share instead in order to save costs.

For taxi companies who want to remain competitive in today’s digital world, they need to be able to provide customers with some of those same benefits, with the added security of using an established transportation company. Giving your customers access through a smartphone app is the only way for licensed, legitimate taxi and transportation companies to compete with the popular rideshare companies today. However, all taxi apps are not created equally. When considering taxi booking application development, it is important to keep your customer’s needs in mind.

What are your customers looking for in a taxi booking app?

When we asked regular users of transportation services what they like to see in a taxi app, as well as their transportation service.

Easy booking

Customers like being able to register with a service, so when the time comes, booking a car is quick and very simple.

This is actually great for taxi companies as well.  By allowing clients to create an account register their payment information, they are more likely to continue to use the same service, rather than select a different service each time.

Payment integration with the app

Customers want to be able to leave the credit cards at home, or at least in their wallets. Customers definitely prefer paying for services through the taxi app, rather than paying the driver directly. They don’t have to worry about carrying cash, getting change, or providing drivers with credit card information.  Having that information safe in the app is a huge benefit to customers. 

This also benefits the taxi company. This ensures that your drivers get their fare every single time, without fail.

Real-time maps and driver information

Customers want to know when their driver will arrive. Live maps, showing real-time traffic along with driver’s progress is a huge plus to regular users.

Notifications and easy communication – Users want to be able to reach out to their drivers if necessary.  They want clear notifications via the app that their driver has arrived.

The ability to rate driver performance

Users today appreciate good service.  They want to know that their feedback matters. By providing customers a place to rate drivers, the taxi companies are essentially telling users that they care about their experience as customers. These days, customer service can make or break a company, so allowing customers to leave feedback, plus using that feedback constructively, make a big difference in the eyes of your clients.

For taxi companies who have chosen to go the high-tech route,  these are the key components to consider when brainstorming the taxi booking app development plans for your business. Keep these customer trends in mind, and you will be on your way to creating a successful taxi app!