Inactive Facebook users’ personal data leaked. Better delete the account than being inactive

Access to Facebook user information is very useful for developers, and although the company has implemented some measures to control this access, it has been revealed that, again, a group of developers had access to the data of some users whose accounts have been inactive for at least 90 days, information security awareness experts mention.

The social media reported that developers should not have access to data of users whose accounts have been inactive, a rule that was implemented since 2018 and after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which forced the company to establish greater controls on its developer policies.

Although the company has not revealed how long this issue has persisted or the number of users affected, information security awareness experts believe this could hurt nearly 5,000 Facebook accounts. The social media also did not specify what data might have been exposed, although they point out that users at some point granted their permission to the applications for this.  

In this regard, the company stated: “There is no evidence to indicate that this problem resulted in the exposure of information beyond the permissions granted by users when logging into Facebook”. The message also mentions that the problem was corrected immediately after it was detected.

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