Google+ users will get $7.5 million USD for old data breach. How much money can you get?

Although he still gives what to talk about, many may not remember Google+, the tech firm’s social networking project that disappeared a year ago due to its inability to compete with Facebook. According to experts in data security training, users registered with Google Plus prior to closing may receive an email informing them that a class action filed against the company was finally resolved.

In 2018 it was discovered that a flaw allowed any external developer to access the private information of any Google Plus user, which became the ultimate blow to the platform, closing down for good months later. As a result of this data breach, a class action was filed against Google.

Multiple users have been receiving an email mentioning that the lawsuit was resolved, so Google Plus will have to pay a total of $7.5 million USD. The message specifies who is involved in the lawsuit, which users qualify to file a claim, and how much money they can demand as compensation, data security training specialists mentioned.

The message includes links to official sites, although apparently none works. The wording used in the message, in addition to the link failures, led many users to think that this could be a scam. Hours later, Google confirmed that the email is legitimate, although the site containing all related information suffered a brief interruption.

According to the experts in the data security training, users who are part of the lawsuit can go to that website and file their claim, with a deadline of October 8. Users also have the option to exit the agreement or file an objection.

It all sounds pretty good, nonetheless, here comes a stroke of reality. Users who qualify for compensation will be able to claim up to $12 USD, and only a portion of the participants in the lawsuit (about 450,000 users) will be able to apply for full compensation, not to mention that the more people file the claim, the less money each will get.

If you still qualify for the claim and wish to do so, you must complete a form on the website that Google has arranged for such duties or call the number in the email. Google will issue payments via PayPal or digital checks.