New exploit for jailbreak of iOS 13.6.1 is presented just 2 days after its release

The development of a jailbreak for iOS systems has become one of the biggest ambitions of users of Apple devices. According to specialists in an ethical hacking course, Twitter user 08Tc3wBB created an exploit to hack the latest version of the iOS operating system.

Using this exploit, the specialist managed to hack the iPhone 11 Pro Max with iOS 13.6.1 operating system, without using the popular exploit tfp0.

In a recently posted tweet, the specialist details how he managed to apply the jailbreak without using the most popular tools for these purposes, such as Odyssey or unc0ver. 

08Tc3wBB posted a video that demonstrates how the exploit works. It also revealed a working SSH demo. Apparently, the new exploit method uses custom kernel read/write primitives, mentioning specialists from an ethical hacking course. 

In his message, the developer also revealed his intention to release the exploit publicly as soon as possible, although no release date was specified. 08Tc3wBB probably needs some time to finish the exploit or you want to wait until the final version of iOS 14 is released so that Apple doesn’t have time to fix the vulnerability exploited in beta versions of the operating system.

Experts in the ethical hacking course consider that the functionality of this exploit in real scenarios cannot yet be confirmed or denied.

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