Transfer any Confidential Data via Audio File using DeepSound


People always search internet to hide data and transfer it across to your friends. Imagine you get a MP3 file with your password in it. Now you can transfer any confidential file or data via audio file (MP3, WMA, WAV, APE). Later on same can be retrieved easily. Researcher of International Institute of Cyber Security comments “we have seen forensics cases where information is shared using these steganography channels“.

Using this we can also convert the MP3 extension to (.ape, .wav, and .flac). This application is very simple to use and easy to understand. Now we will move on to step by step tutorial on how to use DeepSound.


  • OS: Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.18363.1016], 64 bit

Installation steps

  • Click Here to download the tool.
  • It downloads zip file, extract the file. 
DeepSound-2.0 - Extracted Files
DeepSound-2.0 – Extracted Files
  • Next, run the DeepSound.exe file to use.
DeepSound-2.0 -  Tool Launch
DeepSound-2.0 – Tool Launch
  • Now, click on the “open carrier file”, to add any audio file of these extensions (.MP3, .ape, .wav, and .flac).
  • Next, click on “Add secret file”, to add any confidential data files.
DeepSound-2.0 - Add Audio/Secret Files
DeepSound-2.0 – Add Audio/Secret Files
  • Successfully added the audio and confidential file.
  • You can also also select the audio quality.
DeepSound-2.0 - Security Key
DeepSound-2.0 – Security Key
  • Click on encode secure file, check the box Encrypt secret files and enter the password then click on encode secret files to secure the file.
  • This will save the audio file on a specific path. The encrypted file will be as same as the original file.

Decrypt Audio File.

  • Add encrypted audio file by clicking on an open carrier file, it will ask security passwords.
DeepSound-2.0 -  Decrypt Audio File
DeepSound-2.0 – Decrypt Audio File
  • Enter the security key and click on Ok.
DeepSound-2.0 - Extract Audio File
DeepSound-2.0 – Extract Audio File
  • Now, select a secret file and click on Extract secret files. This will download the secret file in our machine.

Change Audio File Extension

  • Click On Audio Converter, add the audio file and select the extension then click convert
DeepSound-2.0 - Change Audio File Extension
DeepSound-2.0 – Change Audio File Extension
  • The converted audio file will be saved at output directory path.


We saw on how to transfer or store any confidential data in any audio file. If we use this technique, no one can identify or steal your data and it’s best to transfer data file to any end-user. To find hidden data in audio file, some binary analysis is required.