120 domains with the term “playstation” were registered in September. PlayStation 5-related scams grow

A team of specialists from security firm Kaspersky has detected a phishing campaign in which scammers try to take advantage of frequent online searches related to the term “PlayStation“. According to the report, between July and November 2020, around 150 new websites related to the console name were registered that store suspicious content; experts anticipate the discovery of many more similar websites in the future.

These malicious websites are disguised as official Sony platforms that offer users the ability to pre-order a PlayStation 5, coming to market; other variants of the scam include promotions to earn a console or versions of the PlayStation 4 at very low prices.

Whatever the case may be, the goal is to obtain victimsā€™ confidential data and even steal their money by showing fake payment forms designed to intercept their personal and financial data.

Researchers seek to raise awareness in users and keep in mind that, whenever an offer appears too good to be true, they will most likely be facing a scam: “Under no circumstances follow a suspicious link or an illegitimate-looking site; Using security solutions is also a good measure to prevent multiple phishing attempts,” Kaspersky experts mention.