Using a DDOS attack to win in PUBG by killing enemies and become a superhero

Since its launching back in 2018, PUBG Mobile has become one of the most popular mobile video games worldwide; nonetheless, its popularity has also attracted the attention of the malicious hacking community whose members are constantly looking for a new method to cheat.

Even though its developers have invested quite a lot resources trying to stop hackers, cheating is always a step ahead of security teams. 

Nowadays there are several tricks employed by non-loyal PUBG Mobile gamers, including auto-aiming methods, X-ray vision, among many others, all of them widely known by the game enthusiasts. Recently, the gaming community revealed one of the most unbelievable hacking methods; by using it, the cheaters can completely freeze the other 99 players in the game, killing all of them easily.

But, how can they do so? According to a report from Insidersport, hackers have figured out a way to deploy a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack against the game’s servers, which will generate this freezing scenario and affect all players. Users could think the app is lagging and try to restart it, but the DDoS attack won’t let them do so.

The experts suggest that cheaters have developer tools to deploy the DDoS attacks, which have been for sale for a while. These tools were designed for Windows 10-runnning PCs and could increase response time to 900 pings, conducing to a server timeout.

Attackers are also able to control the server and freeze or unfreeze other players at will.

It is still unknown what measures will take the developers to stop this practice, considered as a crime in most of countries with hacking legislation.