Top 25 market places in dark web. How and what can you buy? Links Included

Many of the most heinous crimes recently reported have been carried out by individuals connected through illegal forums on the dark web, so it might be thought that these websites allow all kinds of questionable activities in different ways.

While the dark web is a fundamental tool for many criminal groups, this does not mean that everything is valid on these sites, as most clandestine forums are subject to some operating rules and codes of conduct to which users and sellers will have to adhere without exceptions, so cybersecurity experts of iicybersecurity have drawn up a list of the most important rules to follow on these platforms.

Because many of these sites share great similarities (sale of controlled drugs, malware and other tools for fraudulent activities), it is easier to list the prohibited things in each forum, detailed information below.



White House Market has become one of the most well-known illegal platforms on the dark web and is especially strict with its users, who must follow multiple rules set by site controllers, for example:

  • The sale or publication of child or animal pornography is prohibited
  • For-hire hitman services are not allowed
  • Human or animal exploitation is prohibited
  • No terrorism-related products, services or propaganda.
  • Arms are not allowed to be sold (this includes low-lethal weaponry such as rubber bullets), explosives or poisons
  • It is forbidden to publish tutorials to “get rich quickly”
  • Fentanyl or similar chemicals are prohibited
  • The sale of anything that administrators may find unacceptable is prohibited



Although the operators of this website do not explicitly mention a list of prohibited products, in practice this platform serves only for the sale of drugs that require a prescription and some opioids.

Monopoly Market has also implemented a control where all transactions must be approved by an administrator before being completed.



This clandestine forum has a list of prohibited items mentioned in its regulations, including:

  • Murder on pay or other violent crimes
  • Fentanyl, carfentanyl or any similar synthetic product any synthetic analog equivalent
  • Non-lethal weapons
  • Explosives, precursors or any chemical used for the same purposes
  • Child, animal or violent pornography
  • Any activity related to human trafficking
  • Organs or parts of the human or animal body, in addition to the sale of any animal, whether it is alive or dead

This platform has also taken a proactive stance against the dispersion of hate speech or any form of discrimination.



This is probably the platform with clearer rules about what can be done and what is forbidden. In its regulations, Versus Market operators state that:

  • Pornography is prohibited in any of its variants, including pedophilia, bestiality or torture
  • The sale of weapons or dangerous substances of any kind is not allowed, including semi-automatic weapons, explosives, knives, poisons, acids, nuclear or biological weapons, harmful gases or similar toxins and weapons of mass destruction. Exceptions can be made with non-lethal weapons, decorative weapons, deactivated for aesthetic purposes, antiques and counterfeits
  • Doxxing (searching for an individual’s personal information on the Internet for malicious purposes) is prohibited. Blackmail, extortion and similar practices are also prohibited



Although this platform has been closed for maintenance for a while and at the moment it is not possible to access its regulations, Square Market adheres to rules similar to those mentioned above.



Among the things prohibited by the operators of this website are:

  • Child pornography or any child abuse material
  • Guides to making money with Bitcoin
  • Accounts dedicated to any type of pornography
  • Payman services
  • Sale of fentanyl or any related substance



This website is specifically dedicated to any article related to cannabis, it goes without saying that the sale of any other type of addictive substance is prohibited. The publication of products related to child or animal pornography, arms sales, explosives or any type of weaponry is also prohibited.



In its regulations, Vice City operators prohibit the sale of:

  • Weapons and explosives
  • Murder for hire services
  • Fentanyl and any similar substances
  • Stolen data including information about anyone under the age of 21
  • Doxxing services
  • Pornography of any kind



In its FAQ section, the operators of this dark website list the following items as prohibited:

  • Child pornography or any resource that may lead to its obtaining.
  • Sale of any item related to the sale of human beings or their parts
  • Sale of fentanyl and similar substances
  • Sale of weapons, explosives or any similar item

In addition, all transactions on the site must be carried out by means of a cryptocurrency agreed by those involved.



This is a forum specifically dedicated to the sale of products derived from cannabis and some fungi, so any other activity is prohibited.



  • Among the rules listed on this platform are:
  • Any contact outside Cypher Market is prohibited. Wickr and other forms of communication are prohibited
  • Selling weapons, explosives, fentanyl and the like is prohibited



In addition to listing prohibited items, Dark0de also mentions some of the penalties faced by users who violate its regulations, for example: “Violation of any of our rules will result in account cancellation, payment forfeiture, and restriction of any Dark0de activity.”



Users of this site will find a list of prohibited items even before logging in, including:

  • Poisons, explosives or weapons
  • Terrorism-related items
  • Child pornography or any other illegal material
  • Sale of information

Yellow Brick Market also prohibits its users from sharing any contact information outside the platform, as well as making some behavioral recommendations.



This platform also sets out some bans for users and sellers:

  • Drug and any related paraphernalia sale only
  • Forbidden the sale of fentanyl
  • Prohibited from posing as other sellers
  • Contact information must be encrypted



This forum also has some specific rules for buying and selling some products:

  • Child pornography is prohibited
  • The sale of weapons is prohibited
  • Blackmail practices are not allowed
  • No human trafficking
  • The sale of fentanyl and similar substances is prohibited



ASEAN Market operators set similar restrictions, so users of this platform are prohibited from offering services of murder on wages, sale of child pornography, chemical weapons, explosives, poisons and sale of live or dead animals.



The operating rules of this forum focus on sellers and are intended to prevent fraudulent activity. Sellers at Canadian Headquarters are prohibited from selling:

  • Fentanyl
  • Poisons
  • Murder services for hire
  • Firearms
  • Videos of minors



DarkFox Market specializes in the sale of medicines, digital developments and even articles related to fraud practices. Its rules mention that:

  • It is forbidden to advertise other platforms
  • Do not create duplicate auctions. Multiple identical auctions are not allowed
  • Child pornography banned



This platform also does not have an official list of prohibited items, although in practice it is only engaged in the sale of cannabis products and some psychedelic substances, so there is virtually no sale of prohibited products by other platforms.



This is a clandestine platform of Russian origin that has multiple rules among which are: 

  • It is strictly forbidden to sell products considered a threat to life, including weapons, poisons, hit murder services, explosives or any tool to deploy cyberattacks
  • It is forbidden to disclose users’ personal data without their consent



This platform is especially strict with sellers, as it establishes multiple guidelines to which they will have to adhere to avoid sanctions.

  • The seller is fully responsible for the activities of his store and all its employees
  • The sale of one product under the appearance of another is not allowed
  • It is not allowed to sell treasures in the vicinity of educational institutions

The rules of this platform are written in Russian, so its interpretation could be complicated.



Unlike other sites, Neptune Market adheres to three fundamental rules:

  • No weapons, child pornography or hit murder services allowed
  • It is not allowed to publish private data
  • Be kind to each other and act with integrity



Tor2Door has a very simple list of prohibited items, including:

  • Child pornography
  • Prostitution
  • Weapons
  • Murder services
  • Fentanyl

As can be seen, market sites on dark web operate with similar rules. Authorities around the world frequently monitor these platforms, so many avoid dealing with transactions involving illegal activities.