The video game Watch Dogs: Legion is hacked. 558 GB of source code available for free download

A hacking group just leaked the source code of Watch Dogs: Legion, one of the most popular video games of its kind. There are still no clear reports on what happened, although experts believe this could be related to an incident that affected Ubisoft and Crytek a few weeks ago: “If the goal of the last mission in your game was to hack your company, we have succeeded,” the hacker group says in a mockery. 

Ubisoft has already mentioned that they are not aware of the alleged incident, although these signs are already being investigated.

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In October, ZDN reported that a hacker group known as Egregor claimed to have obtained the game’s source code, as did multiple Crytek documents through a ransomware attack. 

A ZDNet researcher managed to contact Egregor members, who responded with a brief message: “In case Ubisoft doesn’t contact us, we’ll start publishing its source code, starting with Watch Dogs.” Soon after, the hackers published some records belonging to Crytek. Through a website that has already been removed, the alleged hackers even took the time to mock the company.

After a thorough analysis on the dark web, specialists concluded that hackers managed to filter 558 GB of Legion’s source code on some file-sharing websites. Although this has not been proven, it is anticipated that Ubisoft will take strong action against those responsible.

A leak of such magnitude, and especially the week after the release of a game, would be remarkable. So much time and money has been spent developing technology. While rival developers would not dare approach such prohibited data, it might be irresistible to enthusiasts: “We are aware of the group’s claim and are currently investigating a possible data security incident,” concludes a message sent by Ubisoft.